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Nano With the bootloader compatible Nano 3.0 controller for arduino CH340 USB driver 16Mhz Nano v3.0 ATMEGA328P/168P US $1.59 US $1.59 +detail

NEWEST RFID Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3 Upgraded version Learning Suite With Retail Box US $24.80 US $21.33 +detail

HWAYEH high quality One set UNO R3 CH340G+MEGA328P Chip 16Mhz For Arduino UNO R3 Development board + USB CABLE US $3.05 US $2.81 +detail

New SIM800L GPRS GSM Module w/ PCB Antenna SIM Board Quad band for Arduino US $1.77 US $1.65 +detail

DUE R3-CH340/Due R3 Board- ATMEGA16U2/CH340G ATSAM3X8E ARM Main Control Board with 50cm USB Cable for arduino US $10.71 US $10.71 +detail

AEAK UNO R3 Development Board ATmega328P CH340 CH340G For Arduino UNO R3 With Straight Pin Header US $1.50 US $1.38 +detail

1PCS DS3231 AT24C32 IIC Precision RTC Real Time Clock Memory Module For Arduino new original US $0.98 US $0.81 +detail

1PCS Promotion For arduino Nano 3.0 Atmega328 Controller Compatible Board WAVGAT Module PCB Development Board without USB V3.0 US $2.39 US $1.94 +detail

4-Digit LED 0.56" Display Tube Decimal 7 Segments TM1637 Clock Double Dots Module 0.56 inch White Display For Arduino US $1.10 US $0.88 Arduino">+detail

Starter Kit for Arduino Uno R3 - Uno R3 Breadboard and holder Step Motor / Servo /1602 LCD / jumper Wire/ UNO R3 US $26.50 US $21.20 +detail

1pcs/lot New pro mini 328 electronic building blocks Interactive Media ATMEGA328P 5V/16M Compatible Nano for arduino US $1.85 US $1.85 +detail

433 Mhz Superheterodyne RF Receiver and Transmitter Module 433Mhz Remote controls For Arduino uno Wireless module Diy Kits US $1.84 US $1.03 +detail

Nano Mini USB Development Board Nano V3.0 Controller Board ATmega328P CH340G USB to TTL NANO 3.0 for Arduino with USB Cable US $0.65 US $0.60 +detail

1Pcs Blue OV7670 300KP VGA Camera Module for arduino DIY KIT US $1.65 US $1.49 +detail

MFRC-522 RC-522 RC522 13.56MHz/125KHz RFID Module For arduino Kit SPI Writer Reader IC Card with the IC Card with Software UNO US $0.40 US $0.36 +detail

GY-NEO6MV2 New GPS Module NEO-6M NEO6MV2 With Flight Control EEPROM MWC APM2.5 Large Antenna for arduino US $3.59 US $3.59 +detail

Precision 5V 700mA (3.5W) Isolated Switching Power Supply / AC DC Buck Module 220 to 5V for Arduino UNO US $0.88 US $0.79 +detail

1pcs MFRC-522 RC-522 RC522 Antenna RFID IC Wireless Module For Arduino IC KEY SPI Writer Reader IC Card Proximity Module US $0.35 US $0.30 +detail

Nano 1PCS Mini USB With the bootloader Nano 3.0 controller compatible for arduino CH340 USB driver 16Mhz NANO V3.0 Atmega328 US $0.80 US $0.72 +detail

USB Cable for arduino Nano 3.0 USB to mini USB 0.3M / 1M US $0.80 US $0.72 +detail

16 Key Membrane Switch Keypad 4X4 Matrix Keyboard for arduino Diy Kit US $0.59 US $0.59 +detail

DFPlayer Mini MP3 Player Module MP3 Voice Decode Board Supporting TF Card U-Disk IO/Serial Port/AD for arduino Diy Kit US $1.08 US $1.08 +detail

1pcs LGT8F328P-LQFP32 MiniEVB Alternative Arduino Nano V3.0 ATMeag328P HT42B534-1 SOP16 USB Driver US $1.32 US $1.32 +detail

Nano 1PCS Mini USB With the bootloader Nano 3.0 controller compatible for arduino CH340 USB driver 16Mhz NANO V3.0 Atmega328 US $0.80 US $0.72 +detail

V3 Wireless module NodeMcu 4M bytes Lua WIFI Internet of Things development board based ESP8266 ESP-12E for arduino CP2102 US $1.52 US $1.37 +detail

Nano Mini USB With the bootloader compatible Nano 3.0 controller CH340 USB driver 16Mhz Nano v3.0 ATMEGA328P/168P for arduino US $0.69 US $0.69 +detail

120pcs 40PIN 20CM Dupont Line Male to Male + Female and Female to Female Jumper Dupont Wire Cable For Arduino DIY KIT GMOPNRQ US $0.97 US $0.97 +detail

1pcs Mega 2560 R3 CH340G/ATmega2560-16AU MicroUSB. Compatible For Mega 2560 With Bootloader (Blue/Black) For Arduino US $6.34 US $5.20 +detail

NANO V3.0 3.0 Controller Terminal Adapter Expansion Board NANO IO Shield Simple Extension Plate For Arduino AVR ATMEGA328P US $0.68 US $0.68 +detail

For Arduino Power Supply Module AC-DC 3.3V 5V 12V 600mA 3W Isolated Switching 220V to 3.3V 5V 12V Buck Step Down Module Voltage US $0.99 US $0.79 +detail

Smart Electronics LAN8720 module network module Ethernet transceiver RMII interface development board for arduino US $1.35 US $1.28 +detail

120pcs Dupont Line 20CM 40Pin Male to Male + Male to Female and Female to Female Jumper Wire Dupont Cable for Arduino DIY KIT US $1.82 US $1.73 +detail

diymore OV7670 300KP Camera Module Supports VGA CIF 640X480 Auto Exposure Control Display Compatible I2C Interface for Arduino US $1.54 US $1.37 +detail

Pro Mini 168/328 Atmega168 5V 16M / ATMEGA328P-MU 328P Mini ATMEGA328 3.3V 8MHz/5V 16MHz For Arduino Compatible Nano Module US $1.47 US $1.38 +detail

For Arduino NRF24L01 Wireless Wifi Transceiver + 2.4GHz Antenna Module For Microcontroll US $0.38 US $0.36 +detail

MPU9250 BMP280 10DOF Acceleration Gyroscope Compass Nine Shaft Sensor Module GY-91 MPU-9250 SPI IIC/I2C 9-Axis For Arduino 3-5V US $4.20 US $3.65 +detail

1Pc 3.3V/5V Micro SD/ TF Dual Card Reader Module SPI/ SDIO Dual Mode Storage Board for Arduino AVR PIC US $1.56 US $1.42 +detail

Nano Micro USB With the bootloader compatible Nano V3 Red controller for arduino CH340 USB driver 16Mhz Nano v3.0 ATMEGA168P US $1.95 US $1.58 +detail

Two Voltage 18650 Lithium Battery Shield V8 Mobile Power Expansion Board Module 5V/3A 3V/1A Micro USB For Arduino ESP32 ESP8266 US $3.66 US $3.33 +detail

1pcs/lot ATMEGA328P Pro Mini 328 Mini ATMEGA328 3.3V/8MHZ 5V/16MHz for Arduino US $0.61 US $0.55 +detail

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